paper isocahedron with led lights

Paper hanging light.
Made a truncated isocahedron with 32 paper cells, diameter is about 40 cm's and each cell is lit with a individually programmable LED.The leds are driven by an arduino programmed with the FastLED library. The patterns can be cycled with a button.

let it shine


The first tests of the contsruction method included round holes.
These were intended for the WS2811 (through hole 8mmm diffused) leds but they didn't work well with the FastLED library and I used the leds cut from WS2812B neopixel strips from adafruit.


I found out that the big cells were less bright then the small ones due to the difference in volume. I solved this by adding 2 leds in the big cells.. It would have been easier to turn the brighness off the small cells down and have had one led per cell. That would have made the scripting a lot easier.


First I made the cells and one by one attached them. It took about one hour to cut, glue and attach 3 cells.


Normally I just glue one flap to the opposite site but when lit from the back that would have shown through. I made double sided flaps and pointed them in the direction of the leds to get as least shadows as possible.


and some more leds attached to the inside. Untill this point it was not too difficult to fix the leds but for the last five cells which close the isocahedron it was a little bit trickier.


topside with usb input and push button to cycle through the patterns


And off course some coding involved. The first real scripting I ever did in arduino's c/c++ based language. Took me a day but it didn't turn out too difficult.  I made use of the FastLED library which makes it possible besides the classic RGB to also adress the led colours as HSV values.