For a table design by Germans Ermics the challenge was to get multiple parts, each weighing up to 500 kg's, flawlessly fit together within a margin of 0,5mm and without any risk on damaging while doing so a few thousand miles away. I came up with a pyramid builkers inspired idea which you can see best in the little animation. Executed with Jurriaan de Groot & van Dijken glasbeleving.


the final product


this little animation shows how the mechanism works


I started with making some scale models


We cnc milled most of the parts needed.


and made a little test piece to check stability and alignement of the two top parts.


the complete base with one side cladded with birch multiplez on which the glass will be glued


a first sliding test without the glass on both parts worked as we hoped for so we brought it to Van Dijken Glasbeleving to be cladded with the final glass design


and a final rehearsal with the glass on the base.  6 people were needed to lift one part and then gravity made it slide into position


which works perfectly