script for making 3d printable nodes from any mesh


I needed to make a 10m high statue and used this schript to construct the rough shape

A. grasshopper script to make connector nodes for e.g pvc tubing from meshes. Not working flawlessly but you can download the script here:

script works on rhino solids and meshes can be converted to solids wit MeshToNurb command. Script needs the topologzier.gha definition and probably some other ones to like 3d tag.

The nodes are hollow so the tubes can be inserted. The nodes are ready for 3d print, flattened on the printer bed  (only the convex ones for now..) Nodes are numbered and referenced in the model and line lengths for tubes are also calculated


Radiuses can be changed so very small solid pegs can also be made so tubes can be put over the nodes