Years ago things weren't that complicated as they are nowadays.The Grunau SG38 was a very easy to build glider plane and in the thirties they were build in large numbers. Today with modern glues, multi-layer wood, nylon fabric and high quality steel wires a reconstruction is even easier. You just need about 400 building hours, about 800 euros materials and the sky is yours too! Well..of course it's forbidden to fly a hobby plane like this... On 26th of august 2004 , my plane was forced to land and confiscated by the Dutch authorities after an 7 minutes record flight from the township of Puth to the township of Schinnen. Since then it is displayed at the glider plane club of schinveldt.
The SG38 was developed in Germany in the 1930's and used by the german army to prepare the nazi-jugend for the german Luftwaffe. Also other countries used it as a basic training glider
Blueprint of the SG38.
One day I'll fly away...
Look Mum!! without a flying permit!!