wednesday 27 th of July I will launch my rocket RKT1. Live streaming from launch site 'Loonse en Drunense heide' will be avalaible here..estimated time of launch 15:00 local time. for last information check my facebook account. Kudo's to Jose Krijnen for taking the pics!

update: 03/08/2011

I added a little movie of the launch, it's the last thumb..



RKT1's electronic systems and software code being tested a day before the launch


unfortunatly no onscreen fancy graphics during the live stream


preparing the parachutes


Carefully carrying the armed missile to the launch site


pressurizing the rocket


lift-off...Yeay!  In the rush to launch before the rain would start I didn't check my checklist and forgot to clean the sand from the launch mechanism.. it jammed and I had to launch by hand..dangerously close to the blast zone!


Because I had to launch by hand I accindently broke the release system for the big parachute which was at the bottom of the rocket.. but fortunatly the small parachute did function..


when RKT1 hit the ground the big parachute popped out and towed the rocket several hundreds meters..this actually caused the only damage to the rocket


and was not caused byu the landing itself but caused by the parachute dragging the rocket away over the sandplane.


after the slideshow there's some actual footage...