A work in progress. I am thinking about making a portrait of Mao Zedong. I am not a particulary fan of this controversial man but Mao's image is a very iconic.

mao-zedong Mao 3d paper portrait

I googled all the Mao images I could find and started modelling his head..

Mao 3d paper portrait
Here you see the result after a few hours modelling in blender. However without good reference images it is not easy to get right.
Mao 3d paper portrait
Did a quick texturing and decided to buy a mao statue and make a laserscan...
but to make a laserscan of a statue I bought on ebay.
Mao 3d paper portrait
and with a quick texture projection... still doesn look like Mao however
made a laserscan of the statue I ordered on aliexpress
and looking better already. (looks different then the scan because I rendered it with a small focal lenght camera)